A body of Catholic Priests and Brothers journeying with the poor, vulnerable and marginalized communities worldwide, inviting others of all faiths and of none to join us in this journey of creating more humane and just societies.

Beyond Cyclone Idai Towards Recovery, Restoration & Reconstruction


Housing & Infrastructure


Faith Based Centers

Health Care

USD$3 000 000.00 Goal


  • USD$1 000 000.00 Amount Raised
  • 89 Donors


  • RTGS$1 000 000.00 Amount Raised
  • 89 Donors


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Zim picks up the pieces after Cyclone Idai

Thousands Missing in Mozambique

Cholera cases surges in Mozambique


Individuals or collectively as companies provide us the financial capacity; you feel great when you get updates about how your money is put to work by trusted organizations. Beyond Cyclone Idai works across with the affected areas utilising the assistance from individuals or companies passionate about the causes headlined, adapting for humanitarian purposes the insights, approaches, and tools developed for commercial activity. These collaborations involve contributed financial donations, and other joint initiatives.


Our Team

We care about the details, we have partnered with an auditing firm to affirm optimum levels of transparency, investigation or audit of damage and effects to confirm all facts. Before committing any of the donated resources we have a team set out to establish the true standing of things to make room for apt and efficient appropriation of resources.

Due Diligence

Board members will consist of the Jesuit Provincial and Jesuit Treasurer of Zimbabwe-Mozambique, together with other Zimbabwean, Mozambican, Malawian and international representatives of the Jesuits, Church leaders, and other experts committed to the cause of both humanitarian and developmental assistance for southern Africa.

Our Impact

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