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Some survivors have taken refuge at churches and centers offering temporary shelter as they deal with the trauma of their losses . A ZCC statement said the Salvation Army church in the town was destroyed, with the minister and members of the congregation being offered shelter by the local Roman Catholic church. Injured, traumatized and homeless people are being cared for in churches as there is no access to the local hospital. Faith-Based community organizations, play a vital role in both preparing for disaster, and in ensuring an inclusive and participatory community wide recovery from a disaster.


Local churches, mosques and schools are opening their doors to provide shelter for the homeless, after hundreds of thousands of people were affected, mainly in the southern deaneries of Lowershire, Blantyre and Zomba. Being the centres of last resort there’s pressure on supplies of help accorded to the respective churches helping. There is need to capacitate them above what they currently have and can do.


Disasters are one of the most significant causes of poverty, and poverty is one of the key factors that lead to disasters having a devastating impact. The majority of poor communities around the world are vulnerable to disasters of one kind or another. Helping churches and their communities to prevent disasters, reduce their impact when they do occur, and rebuild livelihoods and communities in the aftermath is therefore crucial. Some churches need to be reconstructed and rebuilt or relocated, to restore their function within the affected communities.

Noah and the flood: “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease”. (Gen 8:22)

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