Health Care Cause


Healthcare infrastructure has been damaged, including the hospital; our staff have not yet seen a health centre that is undamaged and fully functional. Preliminary reports indicate that the general hospital in Beira is without electricity, the roof destroyed, and the emergency room flooded , but part of the hospital still in a position to attend patients. 24 further health facilities are reportedly affected.


Damage is broad and difficult to assess. Flooding and debris blocks roadways, many locations are only available either by boat or helicopter. Access to safe drinking water is an issue with many pipes washed away. Cholera cases were reported on Friday in the Mozambican city of Beira,with an increasing number of malaria infections among people trapped by the flooding. Adding a risk of deadly illnesses for hundreds of thousands of people who are scrambling for shelter, food and water after the catastrophic flooding in southern Africa.

Long Term Impact

In Beira, electricity has been a struggle at the city's largest hospital, affecting health care providers' ability to respond to those in need. Restoring regular health services is equally imperative as mitigating the spread of cholera and other diseases. There is need to strengthen surveillance for early detection and verification of disease outbreaks. Restore primary and secondary health services, prevent and respond to disease outbreaks. Reconstruction and key equipment acquisition for the health centres is prime.

Noah and the flood: “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease”. (Gen 8:22)

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