How it Works


People like you provide us the financial capacity; you feel great when you get updates about how your money is put to work by trusted organizations.


Generous companies & their employees play a pivital role in providing the necessary financial support for high-impact projects, helping local communities thrive


Generous institions, churches, groups & other afiliated groups also chip in towards raising the nencessary financial resources to assist affected communities

Our Progress


  • Goal : USD 3 000 000.00
  • Amount Raised : USD 1 000 000.00
  • Donors :89

Our Progress

UPDATED April 04

  • Goal : USD 3 000 000.00
  • Amount Raised : RTGS $1 000 000.00
  • Donors :89

What Makes Beyond Cyclone Idai Different

Jesuits Initiative

Jesuits Southern africa are the founders of this initiative and the Jesuits brand is renowned all over the globe for providing aid in times of crisis and has long sought partnerships with businesses and organizations with needed expertise that can be leveraged for humanitarian purposes.

We’re Not-For-Profit.

Unlike some other crowdfunding platforms, our mission is to strictly help affected communities by raising money that will address both short term and long terms needs of the affected communities with main emphasis on more permanent impact.

Direct connections.

Donors know exactly who and what they are funding. They can send and receive messages and get regular updates. Donated funds are matched with urgent needs and expert human resources within the Jesuits network to effectively and efficiently manage the resources


All projects progress updates are shared openly and financial reports are published periodically and audited by renowned internal auditors.
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